50 min
regia: Jonathan Smith, documentarist: Zac Beattie
imagine: Jonathan Smith, Chris Bairstow
sunet: Zac Beattie montaj: James Gold
Century Films, UK, 2005

Roxanne is a typical teenage girl who is into music and clothes but struggles to make friends due to „inappropriate” behaviour and sudden violent attacks. Maneer lost his mother recently and is prone to bouts of frustration. Esther is alone and generally an outsider in her community, with a background of always being by herself. Roy obsessively talks about Eastenders and gets annoyed if his video collection has it’s labelling even slightly out of whack and is easily thrown by new things. All four of them are pupils at a state school for pupils with autism. This documentary follows the four people and sees what „normal” life means for them.
Written by bob the moo

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